A 20-year-old Glanaman chef has been fined £135 after he admitted possessing cannabis.

Steffan John Richards, of 7 Maes Grenig, was a front seat passenger in a vehicle stopped by police during the early hours of April 13 in Glanaman.

When officers warned the car’s occupants that they intended to search the vehicle, Richards produced a cannabis joint from under his seat.

He was subsequently searched and officers discovered a bag containing 13.71 grammes of the Class B drug.

Richards admitted the drugs were his.

Andrew Isaacs, defending, told magistrates: “This is his first conviction and it has been a very sobering experience.

“He wishes to apologise and sincerely hopes it will be the last time he ever appears inside a court.”

Richards was also ordered to pay £85 court costs and a £20 legal surcharge.