Towy Valley youngsters misusing the equipment at a Llandeilo park could lead to the closure of the facility to the public, the town council has warned.

Town mayor Councillor Dawn Wallace told fellow members that she had received reports of children damaging nets on the tennis courts at Parc Le Conquet, off Dynevor Avenue.

The park - which houses three courts inside a fenced area as well as the bowling green, a play area and other facilities – is the home of Llandeilo Tennis Club.

“These children are riding their bikes around the courts and into the nets,” said Cllr Wallace.

“They are also using the courts to play football and rugby.

“It is damaging the nets and I think we need to consider looking the gates into the tennis courts.”

However, the suggestion was slammed by Cllr Geraint Price.

“The park and the courts are a public facility,” he said.

“You cannot lock it – the park is there for everyone in the town to use – it is not just there for the tennis club.

“If people want to turn up at whatever time of the day, the courts should be open for them.”

Cllr Price said that any incidents of vandalised should be reported to the proper authorities.

“If there has been any damage then it is a matter for the police,” he said.

“Vandalism is criminal damage and should be reported as such, but the park and the tennis courts are a public facility and should remain open for everyone to use.”

Town and County Councillor Edward Thomas added: “It is a dilemma. We either close it and say it is there for the use of the tennis club only or we leave it open and run the risk of things being damaged.

“Unless there is a full-time park-keeper there to keep an eye on things then it is likely to remain a problem.”