AMMANFORD firefighters responded to one of their more unusual call outs on Sunday – to free a corgi trapped beneath a reclining chair!

The dog called Princess found herself in a spot of bother after her Capel Hendre owner sat down in the chair unaware his pet was snoozing underneath – and eventually had to be freed by the firefighters using cutting gear.

“The dog got caught in a scissors action when the owner sat down,” crew manager Jason Cadman told the Guardian .

“The owner tried to free the dog by taking off the reclining chair’s nuts and bolts but in the end decided to call for assistance instead.

“The owner was obviously very relieved when we managed to get her out and the dog’s tail was wagging so I guess she was pretty happy too.

“Looking back, it was one of the funnier jobs we’ve been called out on.

“Put it this way, there was no debrief back at the station!"