GOATS are causing mayhem in an Amman Valley cemetery, resulting in thousands of pounds’ worth of damage.

The cemetery at Carmel Chapel on Heol Hir, Gwaun cae Gurwen, has become victim to nearby goats, who have been eating the flowers on the graves, leaving family members distraught.

One visitor said she was shocked after being told goats were eating flowers at the graves.

“I had only just returned from laying flowers at my parents’ grave when I was told by a fellow villager that there was a problem with the goats,” she said.

“I decided to go back up an hour later and was shocked to discover they’d all been eaten.”

Mourners have been ringing their concerns to chapel deacon Ken Morgan, who told the Guardian family members are not just worried about the flowers but for the headstones too.

“Family members paid a lot of money for the headstones. The damage could run into the thousands if the problem doesn’t go away,” said Ken.

“With the Easter weekend coming up I will be bracing myself for a lot of phone calls.

“We are doing all that we can possibly do alleviate the problem, but to no avail.”

Gwaun Cae Gurwen councillor Lynda Williams has also expressed concern, adding: “The authority is working with the church deacons to try and help stop the goats entering.

“However with the added problem of the cemetery gates not being closed properly by the pub - lic, and the fact that the goats can jump parts of the cemetery wall, we have our hands tied.

“I would urge the owner of the goats to come forward so that we can work together.”