TOWN councillors who rarely attend meetings should stand down and let others take their place.

That is the view of Ammanford town mayor Irena Hopkins, who this week chided certain members for their poor attendance record.

Town clerk Miriam Phillips expressed concern that some meetings of the authority’s sub-groups sometimes only drew two councillors. “The attendance of some is particularly poor,” she said.

Cllr Hopkins said anyone not attending meetings for six months and failing to send apologies would lose their seat.

“You are representing the ratepayers and by not attending meetings you are not giving them a fair crack of the whip,” she said.

“I know that some members attend meetings religiously, but those councillors who consistently do not turn up are insulting those ratepayers.

“If they don’t want to attend then let someone else have a go.”

Cllr Jonathan Davies said: “An email or phone call to the clerk isn’t difficult.”