SOMETIMES we take things for granted — like having a roof over our heads, for instance.

As our front page story reveals, Tony Lyndon, a 64-year-old disabled former builder, has been reduced to sitting in the driver’s seat of his van having been made homeless. He is unable to even lie down to sleep and has to make do with snatching short naps throughout the night.

We fervently hope this unfortu - nate hard-working man will be offered some accommodation now his plight has been publicised.


GOATS are causing havoc in an Amman Valley cemetery by chomping up flowers left by mourners. The cemetery gates are frequently open and, even if they were shut, these agile creatures can get in by leaping over the wall.

It may seem comical to some, but to people tending the graves of loved ones it is clearly no laughing matter.


THOSE acquainted with Ammanford town mayor Irena Hopkins know she does not mince her words.

Cllr Hopkins was absolutely right this week to question whether councillors with poor attendance records are worthy of a place on the authority.

If councillors can’t be bothered to turn up, then it’s time they gave up their seats.