AMMANFORD Police Station has reopened to the public.

But before anyone gets too enthusiastic, it was only for a period of four days in total.

The closure of the Foundry Road station’s front desk in 2012 has to be one of the most unpopular decisions Dyfed-Powys have ever made.

Police chiefs argued it was forced upon them because of stringent cutbacks.

The reason for this temporary reopening is that the unpopular mobile police officer in Carregaman car park is currently in for repairs – will it’s absence make the public’s hearts grow fonder?

We seriously doubt it.

The decision by Gwent Police to reopen the front counters of seven of their stations – a move largely funded from reserves – will inevitably raise hopes that Ammanford might follow suit.

But the Gwent force, let’s not forget, are not saddled with a station built under a £20 million private finance initiative and now costing them £700,000 a year – nearly one fifth of their en - tire property management budget.


CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council’s decision to cut funding for primary school swimming ses - sions has certainly made waves.

Teachers are deeply alarmed at the move. With childhood obesity such a pressing concern, schools need this like a hole in the head.