HOST a public meeting for Cwmgwili residents – that was the message from MP Jonathan Edwards and AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas when they met with representatives of Clean Power, the company behind the controversial proposed waste processing and energy generation facility in the village which residents refer to as an incinerator.

Mr Edwards and Mr Thomas met with four representatives of the project and put to them the concerns raised by local residents who feel they have not been provided with sufficient information on the proposal.

The meeting ended with an assurance that the company would consider hosting a public meeting before the planning application is discussed.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Edwards said: "We are grateful to the company representatives for accepting our request for a meeting in order for us to put on record the concerns our constituents have raised with us.

"The company recognised and commended the local community for their campaign and the diligent research they've undertaken on behalf of their fellow residents.

"I put to the company that if it is sincere in ensuring the community fully understands the proposal, then it needs to host a public meeting and answer residents' questions in that open forum. Only then will residents feel fully able to make an informed decision on whether this is a suitable project or not to have on their doorstep.

"Following our discussions I am not yet convinced there is enough of a local need to have this facility here, nor am I convinced that the proposed site will only serve the local area.

"While the company was not in a position to commit to a public meeting today, I'm pleased to have secured a reassurance that our request will be put to the company's senior officials. In the meantime, however, we will continue to represent our constituents on this matter."

Mr Thomas said the meeting indicated that Clean Power was far further ahead in the process than anyone has yet anticipated.

"Agreements have already been sought with the Welsh Government's Trunk Road Agency and Natural Resources Wales department," he said. "So far advanced are the proposals that the company expects the planning application to go before the planning committee in July.

"It is, therefore, imperative that the company holds an urgent public meeting so that they answer residents' outstanding questions."