QUESTION: What do Carmarthenshire County Council and a pelican have in common?

Answer: Every way they turn, there’s a bloody great bill in front of them.

But this is no laughing matter – Plaid Cymru maintains the local authority could face a bill in the region of £70,000 for two Wales Audit Office (WAO) reports into unlawful payments.

The WAO has so far declined to confirm the final figure, while the council maintains it will be “significantly less”.

Whatever the final figure will amount to, one thing is certain – it will still be a bloody great bill.


THE household waste recycling centre at Llangadog has served a huge area over the past few years, so news there were questionmarks over its future caused considerable concern earlier this year.

Carmarthenshire County Council’s decision not to renew their contract with operators AWS was met with dismay, amid forecasts that the centre’s demise would inevitably lead to more fly-tipping.

So the local authority’s announcement that the centre will remain open is to be applauded – its future is only secure for the next 12 months, mind, so it is vital that people continue to use this Towy Valley facility to ensure it will remain beyond 2015