A BIG-hearted Glanaman schoolgirl is delighted to have been named a hero by Children in Need after asking family and friends to donate to the cause in place of presents on her birthday.

Talia Benedek, of Llwyncelyn Road, was sitting with her family watching television one evening last November, just before her birthday, when she saw a film clip appealing for help for disadvantaged children.

That moment pulled on little Talia’s heartstrings and she decided right then that she would ask people to donate money to Children in Need instead of birthday presents.

“When she saw the sad clip on the television Talia was de - termined to try and make a difference to their lives,” Yvonne Morris, Talia’s grandmother, told the Guardian.

“Talia immediately told everyone that she didn’t want any presents for her birthday, only donations.

The Maesybont pupil arranged a pyjama party at her house for her ninth birthday and went on to raise £155 for the charity.

“The whole family are so proud of her,” added Yvonne.

Talia’s certificate arrived in the post last week – labelling her a Children in Need hero.

“She was so pleased to see her certificate,” said Yvonne. “You could see the sense of achievement in her face.

“I just know this won’t be the last time Talia will do her bit for charity – she’s already trying to get her sister and brother involved.”

Talia’s donations contributed towards the £31,124,896 raised on the appeal night of Children in Need.

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