GORSLAS parents fear the village scout group is under threat of closure if a new leader isn’t found within the next few weeks – an outcome that would leave one particular little boy heartbroken.

The 1st Mynydd Mawr Beaver and Cub troop may be forced to disband if no one volunteers to help.

“The problem is a general lack of volunteers,” said Simon Blake, whose six-year-old son, Harrison, is a Beaver at the group.

Mr Blake said his son, who has a learning disorder and attends Bro Banw Assessment Unit, takes great pride in wearing his Beavers uniform and is very much included in their activities.

“From the moment he wakes up on Wednesday mornings he’s thinking about going to Beavers that night and it would break his heart to have that ripped away from him,” he said.

“Harrison has trouble with social groups but his friends in the Beavers have played a massive part in getting him to mix with other children.”

The leaders of nearby Ammanford Scout troop are currently helping to run the Cubs, but are unable to do this for much longer, and the fact the Beavers leader is due to step down in July has raised fears over possible closure.

“This has left the group in the singular position of losing both Beavers and Cubs at the same time, said Mr Blake.

“The children offer prayers at the end of the Cubs session and they are always the same... that the Cub troop finds a new Akela (leader) so that they don’t have to close down.

It’s heartbreaking to witness the distress this situation is causing to these fine young children.”

Wyn Owen, Scouting Area volunteer manager said: “The local Scouting volunteer managers are aware of the need to recruit more adult volunteers to support the young people at 1st Mynydd Mawr Scout Group and positive work is in progress.

"In the meantime, the young people continue to enjoy Scouting thanks to the efforts of other local leaders."