A former Ammanford amphetamine addict caught with a gramme of cannabis “has turned his life around”, a court has been told.

Jonathan Wayne Davies, of 95 Myddynfych, was one of a number of men spoken to by police after they were seen getting into a Ford Escort on wasteland in Myddynfych on February 1.

When cannabis was discovered on one of the men, all occupants were told they would be searched.

Due to 27-year-old Davies’ “unenviable record” of 88 previous drugs and theft offences, officers decided to take him to his flat to search the property.

Once at the property Davies handed over a small plastic bag containing the cannabis.

“That’s my weed,” he said.

In a kitchen cupboard the officers found a second bag which contained white powder.

Davies confessed it was mephedrone - know as miaow miaow.

“I took it to keep me awake during the rugby,” Davies told the officers.

David Williams, defending, told the court Davies had: “A large number of previous convictions many of which are for being in possession of controlled drugs - amphetamine particularly – and a large number of the offences of dishonesty that reflect the cycle he was in.”

“He was using amphetamine and committing offences of dishonesty to fund that use.

“Inevitably, as night follows day, that resulted in him being sentenced to a term of imprisonment – two years – for dishonesty offences and burglary.

“However, when he went into custody he was a shadow of the man he is today. He is now fit and well because he is not using amphetamine.

“However, he has been a habitual cannabis user but he is no longer using controlled drugs in the ‘out of control’ way he was.

“Prison was a turning point in his own mind. He reflected on his own life and he is now doing his absolute level best – and with some success – to put that behind life behind him.”

Davies admitted possessing one gramme of cannabis and one gramme of mephedrone.

Magistrates granted Davies a 12-month conditional discharge. They also ordered he pay £85 court costs and a £15 legal surcharge.