AN Ammanford councillor believes it will be "a complete disaster" if Carmarthenshire becomes part of a "new" Dyfed.

Cllr Colin Evans told fellow town councillors that the Williams Commission had recommended slashing the number of Welsh local authorities from 22 to 10, 11 or 12.

Under the proposals Carmarthenshire would stand alone – but an alternative plan would see it merged with Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

Calling for a debate on the issue, Cllr Evans said the merger of the three counties "would be a complete disaster" as it would automatically lead to the loss of 101 councillors.

"We need to have a voice in what happens to our town in the next three or four years – and send our views not just to Carmarthenshire County Council but also the Welsh Assembly," he said.

"To have just 75 members serving the whole of Dyfed would be wholly unrealistic, In the past there were district councils beneath the county council as well, but under these proposals there would be no local accountability at all.

"We would be expected to attend site visits in Aberystwyth, for God's sake."