OVER the past few weeks we have carried a number of articles illustrating the depth of concern about Carmarthenshire County Council’s huge price rises for the use of authority-owned pitches.

So Friday’s decision to “freeze” such charges is welcomed.

Kudos should go to members of the Carmarthenshire United Sports Committee who have galvanised a coherent and effective campaign against a policy they fear could have a disastrous impact on local sport.

Yes, this was indeed a fine example of “people power” – and a timely reminder of what can happen when the public flex their collective muscle.


A PUBLIC meeting in Cwmgwili last week drew more than one hundred people concerned about plans for “an energy recovery centre” near the village.

They argue that the project touted as a “green energy” facility includes a pyrolysis unit which is, in laymen’s terms, a rubbish incinerator.

Whether these fears are justified remains to be seen. What is concerning, however, are the by-now familiar claims of a lack of consultation.

Residents are complaining that a public notice advertising this project appeared in another local paper which most people in Cwmgwili do not even read!