AMMANFORD town councillors are pushing ahead with plans for CCTV to cover Ammanford Park following another bad-tempered meeting at the town hall.

Cllr Chris Jones said community officer Rob Chapman had supplied a quote of around £10,000 for one camera – and felt that a further spend of £3,000 would pay for a second, effectively providing coverage for the whole park.

But Cllr Jones was involved in a series of sharp exchanges with town clerk Miriam Phillips who said that councillors had been advised to delay a decision until the issue of community asset transfers had been addressed.

Cllr Jones, who insisted that the CCTV question had already been discussed and agreed at committee stage, replied: “Whatever happens, CCTV is something we need to discuss – it’s an agenda item here tonight, so why can’t we discuss it?”

But Mrs Phillips said repairs could prove extremely costly.

“What happens if something goes wrong?” she asked.

When Cllr Jones demanded for the matter to be put to the vote, he was chided by mayor Irena Hopkins.

“If it had been up to you we would have taken over the park by now, costing us God-knows how much,” she said.

“I never said we should take over the park,” protested Cllr Jones.

Mrs Phillips then revealed project forms had to be completed.

“I’ve been on this council for two years and no-one has ever had to fill in a project form be fore,” said an exasperated Cllr Jones, who claimed he was the victim of “double standards”.

When he then enquired about insurance, Mrs Phillips advised him to look into the matter. “I would argue that’s the job of the paid clerk of this council,” retorted Cllr Jones.

“He (Cllr Jones) is offending me at every meeting,” complained Mrs Phillips