PETER Hughes Griffiths, Plaid Cymru's leader at County Hall, says he has "a gut feeling" that the group's no confidence motion will not attract sufficient support at Carmarthenshire County Council's Extraordinary meeting tomorrow (Thursday).

Speaking to the Guardian yesterday (Tuesday), Cllr Hughes Griffiths said he believed the 28-strong Plaid group needed between six and ten opposition councillors to "cross the floor" to ensure the motion was passed.

"Given what we have seen previously, I believe the Independents and Labour councillors will follow their usual pattern and stick together," he said.

"I have high regard for some of these people and it would indeed be very disappointing if they don't accept that certain unacceptable things have happened and that those responsible should not continue running the council.

"Several of our members have said they've been approached by so many people expressing their concern about how the county council is being run and the fact that Gloucestershire Police are now investigating the situation.

"Kevin Madge has repeatedly told us to await the facts and the time has now come when we will see what explanations are forthcoming."