A SENIOR Carmarthenshire county councillor has been called upon to "vigorously oppose" any move that might threaten the future of the recycling centre at Llangadog.

Hefin Roberts, owner of All Waste Services, says the local authority's decision not to renew its contact could lead to the closure of his business.

Campaigners fighting for the facility's retention say it is widely used by residents in the north of the county.

Last week's Guardian quoted Cllr Colin Evans, executive board member for technical services, as stating how the local authority wanted to encourage recycling while reducing fly-tipping.

But Cllr Evans's remarks have been seized upon by Peter Berry, editor of the Llangadog community website, who has now challenged him to oppose any move threatening the facility.

In a letter to Cllr Evans, Mr Berry – a former director of a national environmental and educational charity – says: "I am very concerned about the need to maintain and, where appropriate, enhance the quality of our local environment.

"I therefore welcomed the news item on page 15 of this week's South Wales Guardian in which you are quoted as saying: 'We want to encourage people to recycle as much as possible and also reduce fly-tipping in the country'.

"I trust, therefore, we can rely on you to oppose vigorously any move within Carmarthenshire County Council that might threaten the future of the centre.

"The very existence of this convenient centre, staffed as it with such helpful people, is an invaluable incentive to reduce waste and pollution in these areas.

"Should the centre close the immediate effects on the local environment resulting from additional waste and litter, as well as the increased costs to the council of extra weekly rubbish collections...would cancel out any likely savings achieved by such a closure."

The local authority have confirmed that the contract with the waste company ends on March 31.