A 55-year-old Towy Valley woman was found kneeling “almost naked” at the foot of a tree in a public park at 1am by police, a court has heard.

Claire Louise Dickinson, of 10 Maesawelon in Cwrt Henri, was clearly under the influence of drugs when discovered by officers on October 25, Llanelli magistrates were told.

“The officers were unable to get any sense out of her,” prosecutor Vaughan Pritchard Jones said.

“They had no idea who she was or where she lived.”

After contacting nearby households for help, the officers went to Dickinson’s address where the door was opened by her partner, 60-year-old Paul Anthony Smith.

“He was also clearly under the influence of some kind of drug,” said Mr Pritchard Jones.

After collecting a dressing gown for Dickinson to “preserve her dignity” the property was searched.

The officers discovered 41 LSD tablets, 21.3 grammes of cannabis, five tablets and 0.23 grammes of MDMA as well as 30 tablets of Zolpadem.

Both Dickinson and Smith were arrested on suspicion of possessing the drugs, but while being handcuffed and placed in the rear of the police car, Dickinson kicked out, damaging the rear window.

Magistrates were told Dickinson was of clean character while Smith’s last conviction for a drug related offence occurred 24 years ago.

Dickinson admitted criminal damage to the police vehicle while Smith pleaded guilty to four offences of drugs possession.

In relation to Dickinson, Mike Reed, defending, said: “She is extremely embarrassed. She does not know why she was in that state.”

District Judge David Parsons told Dickinson: “This is your first time in court and this was unnecessary damage to a police car when they were trying to protect you from yourself.”

She was fined £75 for criminal damage and ordered to pay £25 compensation along with £85 court costs and a legal surcharge of £20.

Smith was fined a total of £220 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 surcharge.