AM RHODRI Glyn Thomas has today launched an online petition for members of the public to express their lack of confidence in Carmarthenshire County Council's leadership following the "failure" of the Council Leader Kevin Madge to suspend Chief Executive Mark James after police announced a criminal investigation.

In a further twist, it has been confirmed that members of the Plaid Cymru opposition group will be submitting motions of no confidence in three members of the Council’s executive board – Cllr Madge, Cllr Pam Palmer and Cllr Meryl Gravell,

Plaid will also be submitting a motion to suspend Mr James.

AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas said the petition he has established was for all residents of Carmarthenshire, irrespective of political persuasion, to send "a strong message" to County Hall before those motions of no confidence are discussed.

“It’s been over two weeks since the damning Wales Audit Office reports were published," he added. "Over two weeks and not a scrap of leadership has been forthcoming from the council leader, Kevin Madge.

“His and his executive board colleague’s unwavering defiance of the Auditor’s findings, and their attempts to defend the indefensible has seen the First Minister of Wales dragged into the mess.

“Plaid Cymru, and more importantly, the public recognised the seriousness of the situation fifteen days ago but the council leadership has done next to nothing.

“It is crystal clear that Carmarthenshire is bereft of leadership. It is also clear that only Plaid Cymru’s motions of no confidence can bring any sense of authority back to the council.

“I see this as a petition for all residents of Carmarthenshire irrespective of political persuasion. I want residents to sign our petition and send a strong message to the leadership of county hall that their actions are dragging the good name of Carmarthenshire through the mud.

“Our petition can be signed by visiting my website”