A 24-YEAR-OLD Glanaman man has been ordered to pay £215 in fines and costs after he admitted growing two cannabis plants at his home.

Christopher Sean Jones, of 25 Ger yr Afon, appeared before Llanelli magistrates to plead guilty to producing the Class B drug.

Vaughan Pritchard Jones, prosecuting, told the court how police had attended the property accompanied by Jones’ landlord on an unrelated matter at 11.30am on November 15.

Jones was not present when police arrived however the officers noted the smell of cannabis inside the property.

They decided to search the house and in Jones’ bedroom discovered growing equipment and the remains of two plants, which had been recently harvested.

“When Jones returned to the property he admitted he had grown the plants,” Mr Pritchard Jones told the court.

David Elvy, defending, told the court that the officers had discovered “low-level cultivation” for personal use.

“He does not have a cannabis habit,” Mr Elvy told the court, “but he does use it regularly.

“He chose to grow it to avoid having any involvement with dealers and the dangers that that brings.

“What the police discovered was little more than two stalks.”

Magistrates fined Jones £110 for production of cannabis and ordered he pay £85 court costs and a further £20 legal surcharge.

Jones also admitted failing to attend court on January 2.

“He failed to attend because he misplaced the letter,” said Mr Elvy.

He was fined a further £110 for failing to surrender to bail as instructed.

Magistrates also ordered that all Jones’ cannabis-growing paraphernalia be destroyed.