A 45-year-old Ammanford woman walked into a town supermarket, swapped her worn boots for a new pair, placed a flat-screen TV in her trolley and walked out again without paying for either.

Daisy Owens, of 9 Heol Wallasey, was recorded by CCTV at Tesco entering the store at 7.50pm on September 19 and making her way to the clothing section.

Gerald Neave, prosecuting, told Llanelli magistrates that footage showed Owens selecting a pair of boots from a shelf and removing the price tags.

“She then removed the boots she was wearing, put them back on the rack and put the new boots on her feet,” said Mr Neave.

Owens then moved to the electronics section where she placed a £129 flat-screen TV in her trolley.

After collecting a variety of other items, Owens made for the check-out and paid £21 for her groceries.

When questioned by the till operator, Owens claimed she had already paid for the TV.

Owens was detained by staff outside the store and held until she was arrested by police.

Andrew Isaac, defending, told magistrates that Owens had been drinking prior to the incident.

“This is someone who does not drink often,” said Mr Isaacs.

“She suffers from depression and takes medication. She realises the combination of alcohol and her medication makes for a poor cocktail.

“At that time she was having family problems and was at a low ebb.

“She wishes to apologise for what happened.”

Mr Isaac said the incident had served as a “wake-up call” for Owens, who pleaded guilty to theft.

Magistrates fined Owens £75 and ordered she pay court costs of £80 and a £20 legal surcharge.

Mr Neave told magistrates that because the items had been recovered the supermarket had made no claim for compensation “despite the fact that she had been wearing the boots”.