An Ammanford mother-of-four arrested twice in a week for drug possession has vowed to “turn her life around,” a court has been told.

Caroline Wita, of 53 High Street, admitted possessing 17.4 grammes of cannabis when police raided her previous home at 10 Maes Llwyn, Bonllwyn.

Llanelli magistrates were told how officers descended on the 37-year-old’s house at 3.15pm on June 26 and found two small tins – one with a dragon on the front and the other displaying a cannabis leaf logo.

Both the tins contained amounts of the Class B drug.

In interview, Wita admitted that she had had an ounce of the drug delivered on the morning of the raid, paying £190 for it.

She told officers that she had used the drug for 18 years for medical reasons and “was not selling to others to supplement her income”.

Ruth Meyrick, defending, told magistrates that a week after the raid, Wita was again arrested, this time for possession of cannabis and amphetamine.

For the second offence, Wita was granted a conditional discharge at an earlier hearing.

“It is unfortunate that the police, when processing her for the matter a week later, did not take into account this earlier offence,” Ms Meyrick told the court.

“Had the police pulled these matters together, it would have all been dealt with in one go and would be over for her now.”

She told the court that Wita had suffered “lots of trial and tribulations” in her life during the previous 12 months, but had moved home in a bid to “make a fresh start”.

“She is now receiving prescription painkillers,” said Ms Meyrick, “and she says she is completely clean of any illegal drug.

“She says she is determined to move on with her life.”

Wita admitted possessing a Class B drug.

Magistrates granted Wita a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered she pay a £15 legal surcharge.

They decided against ordering she pay prosecution costs.