AMMANFORD councillors are gearing up for the coming of Ammanford Park’s Splashpads – the £130,000 project is the biggest the authority has ever undertaken.

Not surprisingly, some members are querying the cost of maintaining such a project – the town council, if you pardon the pun, are in unchartered waters on this one.

It is difficult, at this time, to predict just how widely this summer water feature will be utilised. A scorcher of a summer would obviously make it the place to go as far as youngsters are concerned.

But no one can predict the vagaries of our increasingly unpredictable climate – so the council will just have to wait and see.

What we are confident of is that the Splashpads will indeed make a splash, help to justify the rise in the town precept and, hopefully, encourage more people into Ammanford.

●DECISIONS, decisions… Ammanford town councillors are having to make some crucial ones at the moment as the role of smaller councils continues to evolve in the wake of swingeing cutbacks being imposed on local authorities.

After some haggling they have now agreed to take over public toilets at Ammanford Park and outside the Co-op.

Other local councils are expected to follow suit.

Of course, the finer details have yet to be worked out, yet the alternative – Ammanford without any public toilets – was clearly unthinkable.

●IF AT first you don’t succeed…congratulations to Towy Valley mountain biker Matthew Page for landing the Carmarthenshire Sport Personality of the Year award at the fourth attempt – and well done to our other local winners.