OWNERS of a Llandeilo property have been forced to demolish it months after it was built because it did not have planning permission.

In April 2010 the land associated to Maes Y Castell Llandeilo was investigated as a result of a complaint alleging that a dwelling had been built without planning permission on the land.

Carmarthenshire council planning officers investigated and confirmed that a building resembling a house had been erected, without planning consent.

“Whilst all external works had been carried out, the owners were contacted and advised to stop any further works as no planning consent had been granted,” said a spokesman.

“They submitted a planning application in December 2010 to retain the building as an “Agricultural Storage Building”. This application was subsequently refused.”

He added that, in July 2011, the owners, Mr G Davies and Mrs D Davies, were issued with a planning enforcement notice requiring them to permanently remove all the newly- constructed elements of the walls and the roof.

The couple appealed against the enforcement notice with the Welsh Planning Inspectorate and on December 16, 2011 the Inspectorate dismissed the appeal.

The property has now been reverted back to its former state.

A council spokesman said: “No matter how remote an unofficial build in the Carmarthenshire countryside is, it will almost certainly be drawn to the authority’s attention and the appropriate action taken to rectify any breach of planning procedures.

“The planning department’s officers and building control teams are there to offer helpful advice on the proper procedures and what might be admissible, even in respect of what materials can be used.”

“Taking this route can avoid any unnecessary time wasted on any project and the considerable expense involved of not only putting a building up, but also the returning of the site to its original condition.”