AMMANFORD town councillors have agreed to take on responsibility for the town’s public toilets at Ammanford Park and outside the Co-op.

They agreed to the transfer of the facilities after considering what county councillor Colin Evans described as “a very fair package” offered by County Hall.

As part of the transfer, the county council offered to bring the facilities “up to the required standard” – with the option of including a coin-operated mechanism; providing a three-year revenue support programme to help with costs and continuing to employ all staff currently engaged.

Town clerk Miriam Phillips said the conveniences in Ammanford Park had been vandalised on six occasions within the last three years and expressed “grave concerns”

about small children running across the park from the planned new splashpads to use them.

“I’ve asked for quotes for two small cubicles closer to the splashpads facility,” she said.

“We could have portable loos or two small toilets built there.”

But Cllr Evans felt both suggestions were unrealistic. “It would be far better to bring those park toilets up to the required standard rather than putting portable loos in there,” he said.

He suggested the problem of vandalism could be eradicated by the presence of CCTV.

“I think this is a very fair package,”

he added. “The county council is offering to carry out repairs on a sliding scale for four years.” It was agreed to set up a task and finish group to decide on the running of the toilets.