CWMAMAN Town Council has expressed its total opposition to plans to build two new houses on land behind Tirycoed Road.

The proposals would see two properties on Tirycoed Road itself demolished to allow access to the development on what is currently a greenfield site.

Councillors feared the current application could well prove the tip of the iceberg in what would become a step-by-step major development.

“There are only two houses now but it could be 100 in future,” said Councillor Kevin Madge. “This could be just the start of something which became far larger.

“We as a council need to know the long-term plans for the site and the people of Glanaman need to be aware of what is going on.

“We also need to be aware that there is a massive untapped coal seam behind the hospital there. That in itself adds a great deal of value to the land and this would open up an access road to it.”

Cllr Mal Walker said: “Tirycoed Road cannot cope with the amount of traffic using it at the moment and so to have more traffic really would be a major problem.

“The idea of 200 more cars using Tirycoed Road does not bear thinking about. There is simply no way it could cope with any increase in traffic.”

Cllr Dafydd Wyn added: “It is a hazardous road as it is and we as a council must object to any development likely to increase its use.

“Any development there could be an absolute disaster for the residents of Tirycoed Road.”

Councillors agreed to lodge their opposition to the scheme with county planners.