TEMPERS flared at Cwmaman community council last week as members rejected proposals to allow councillors to use official letterheads on their personal correspondence.

Glanaman councillor Shahid Hussain had championed the idea, which would have allowed members to write on council headed paper provided it was made clear the views in the letter were not those of the council itself.

“As long as the design [of the letterhead] is approved by the council then it should be acceptable,” he claimed.

Community council watchdog One Voice Wales had tentatively approved Cllr’s Hussain’s letterhead design, but warned it could see little real need for councillors to have access to headed paper.

In a heated discussion, opponents felt the move would undermine the role of the council clerk and agreed with One Voice Wales that letterheads would be of little use in real terms.

“If we have to say we are not writing on behalf of the council, I’m not sure what the point of this is,” said Cllr Mal Walker.

“It seems to me to be neither one thing nor the other and does not make any sense.

“What is the point of a letter written on council paper if it is not representing the council?”

Councillors voted by seven votes to six to reject the proposals.