RESIDENTS of Llandovery are suffering because the town now has only one cashpoint, town councillors have been told.

Cllr Elizabeth Thomas said that following the closure of the town’s HSBC branch a number of people had complained about the loss of the cash point facility.

“We are a tourist town with just one cashpoint,” she told colleagues. “And just after Christmas that one wasn’t working.

“A lot of young people now go out of town to eat and drink and a lot of people are losing business.

“Is there anythingwecan do to get another cashpoint? We are really missing the HSBC facility.”

Town mayor Jill Blud said townspeople had not foreseen the impact of losing the cashpoint until it had gone.

“HSBC’s slogan is ‘Your local bank’,” she commented.

Cllr Robin Ennion saidHSBC could not maintain a cashpoint as the former bank premises was owned by someone else.

He also suggested that Barclays Bank could be asked to adjust their own cashpoint to meet increased local demand.

“I know that NatWest are looking into this shortage of cashpoint facilities,” he added.