MEMBERS of the Penybanc Action Group have vowed “to fight tooth and nail” against new plans to build 289 houses at Tirychen Farm.

The comment came after Swallow Property Developments submitted 11th hour changes to proposals to construct 336 houses at the site.

Planners rejected the original scheme in December, with the decision due to be rubberstamped at a county planning committee meeting tomorrow (Thursday).

Swallow are legally permitted to submit alterations to their proposals while the application remains live and the Berkshire-based firm beat the deadline to lodge its amendment before the decision to reject could be ratified.

However, the move may still prove to be too late for the firm, with existing planning permission for 141 houses at the site due to lapse on February 5.

That permission, which was granted in 2008, has been used as a springboard to enlarge the proposals and, according to opponents of the scheme, its removal will undermine a key pillar of the developer’s plans.

“The planning report for the 336 homes repeatedly mentions that planning permission already existed for the site,” said Chris Green of the Penybanc Action Group.

“Everything has always been treated as an amendment to that permission, but after February 5 they cannot do that.

“As I understand it, it’s now going to be treated as a completely new application.

“We have always said we would oppose anything over that original 141 but in reality we would accept up to 150 houses.

“As far as 289 houses goes, we will fight it tooth and nail.

“We will fight it all the way and we know the residents of Penybanc are wholeheartedly behind us.”

Welsh Water is also likely to object, having previously claimed the current sewer system could not cope without major capital investment in the Garnswllt sewerage works.

Those concerns were sidestepped by the existing permission, but with that set to lapse, the company is expected to completely oppose the new scheme.