LEGENDARY sportswriter Frank Keating, who died last week, had more reason than most to acknowledge the reputation of the South Wales Guardian within its community.

Frank – a kind and self-deprecating soul – never tired of recounting the time the Manchester Guardian dispatched him to Cefneithin to cover the funeral of much-loved Llanelli and British Lions rugby coach Carwyn James in January 1983.

Arriving at the chapel late, Keating was greeted by a stern-faced usher who told him all seats had been taken.

When the crest-fallen reporter explained he had been sent by the Guardian, the man’s demeanour changed instantly. “In that case, you’d better come with me,” he replied.

A grateful Frank proceeded to follow his new-found ally down the aisle to a pew near the front where the usher instructed people to move over so they could admit one more.

“This man’s from the Ammanford Guardian,” he whispered.


READERS of a certain age will undoubtedly enjoy Terry Morgan’s reminiscences of being a Teddy Boy in Ammanford during the 50s.

Terry’s fascinating recollections, nevertheless, are from a teenage perspective – the memories of parents of that era would be far different.

Most, on seeing a group of Teds walking down the road, would probably have viewed them as creatures from some distant galaxy!