CARMARTHENSHIRE county council have taken out a property advertisement and a public notice in this week’s Guardian.

It is the first time the local authority have advertised in the newspaper since our editorial of September 19 criticising their Sainsbury’s press release.

Guardian editor Mike Lewis said he hoped it marked “a watershed” in relations between the paper and the council.

“County Hall have listened to public opinion while at the same time acknowledging the Guardian’s role within the community,” he said.

“The most unfortunate consequence of this dispute is that 14,500 Guardian readers found themselves starved of essential information. The fact so many have expressed their concerns indicates that most people still rely on their local newspaper to keep them informed. While we will continue to act as an independent voice for the community we would obviously prefer to work alongside the local authority in these challenging times.

“Guardian staff have been quite touched by the astonishing levels of support we have received.”