ANAMMANFORD town councillor believes a Twrch Trwyth Food Festival will help get people back into the town.

Cllr Jonathan Davies told colleagues on the authority’s planning and environment committee that such an event could also feature food and drink from Ammanford’s twin French town of Breuillet.

Cllr Irena Hopkins described it as a “marvellous” idea, but warned Cllr Davies that all councillors would have to commit themselves to the project wholeheartedly and questioned whether the authority possessed the manpower.

“I’ve been listening to what traders are saying,” replied Cllr Davies.

Cllr Jonathan Jennings suggested that the town’s current street market could be developed as “a sort of stepping stone” towards “a full-blown” food festival.

“Shops are closing and people are losing respect for both the town council and county council,” said Cllr Emma Thomas. “Let’s all support Jonathan because what he’s trying to do is for the benefit of the people of Ammanford.”

Town clerk Miriam Phillips said the council needed to see funding figures before committing themselves to the event.

Cllr Davies pledged to provide these at the meeting of full council tonight (Monday).