AMMANFORD town councillors have re-affirmed their support for plans to establish a nightclub in the town centre – which were rejected by county planners last year.

Carmarthenshire County Council say a nightclub at the former Snooker World off Wind Street would cause noise and disturbance to local residents in the early hours, but applicant David Alan James has now launched an appeal to the Welsh Assembly.

Town councillors feel such a facility could provide a boost for the town centre – provided it was tightly regulated.

“There is just nowhere for youngsters to go in town,” Cllr Emma Thomas told colleagues.

“On Facebook youngsters are asking what is happening to Ammanford, with all these shops closing.

This nightclub is wanted – and needed.”

Cllr Irena Hopkins felt it would be preferable for young people to attend a “well-managed” nightclub in their home town rather than having to travel all the way to Swansea.

Cllr Andrew Lewis agreed.

“My daughter is 15 and I’d prefer her to go to a nightclub here in Ammanford,” he said. “Why should she go to Swansea or Cross Hands when Ammanford is supposed to be the third-largest town in Carmarthenshire?”

Cllr Martin Jones argued that a nightclub would improve pub trade and Cllr Jonathan Davies also felt the move was worth a try.

“There are rougher places than Ammanford which seem to cope with having nightclubs,” he commented.

The council had earlier backed the proposal on condition it did not result in noise or anti-social behaviour, was covered by live CCTV and would be accessed from Wind Street.