AMMANFORD’S new mobile police office in Carregaman car park is a joke, according to disgruntled community councillors.

Dyfed-Powys Policeunveiled the office following the closure of Ammanford police station’s front desk, claiming it would be a suitable alternative.

Betws councillors think otherwise.

“There’s no privacy there or anything,” complained Cllr June Gunter. “It’s ridiculous.”

Cllr Dewi Branch felt the office’s location was not sufficiently advertised. “No-one knows where it is,”hesaid. “It’s right at the back of the car park at the back of the Pensioners’ Hall – it’s a joke.

“I feel sorry for them because theyhave to keep the doors shut in this cold weather - but it’s not exactly welcoming.

“We have a police station in Foundry Road – threequarters of whichisn’t used -– costing £650,000 a year. Something needs to be done – why can’t the police rent it out?”

Cllr Cath Smith dismissed the office as a waste of money. “Why spend all that money on a van when they could open the front desk for two days a week,” she asked. “It just doesn’tmakesense - maybe Wetherspoons will consider going there instead of the Cottage!”

Sgt Theresa Ross said the office was sited – depending on parking availability – to make it “as convenient as possible”.

And she added: We are always open to suggestions as to where it should go.”

●DYFED Powys Police says people wanting to speak with their local police officers will now be able to do so while they do their weekly shopping as the mobile police station makes its regular visits to the town centre.

“The station, parked near the Wilkinson Store in the main town car park, will be operated by a Police Community Support Officer, who will be able to assist with all front desk enquiries,” said a spokeswoman.

In January, the station will be at the car park at the following times: Tuesday, January 1: closed (bank holiday); Friday, January 4: 2pm-6pm; Tuesday, January 8: 10am-2pm; Friday, January 11: 2pm-6pm; Tuesday, January 15: 10am-2pm; Friday, January 18: 2pm-6pm; Tuesday, January 22: 10am-2pm; Friday, January 25: 2pm-6pm; Tuesday, January 29: 10am-2pm; Friday, February 1: 2pm-6pm.

Details of when it will be in Ammanford in future months can be found by visiting the Ammanford pages or calling 101.

In addition to the services provided at the mobile police station, the public can also attend at the Police Information Point at the town hall in Ammanford, where the customer services staff from Carmarthenshire county council can assist with police-related enquiries.