MEMBERS of Cwmaman town council have expressed grave concern over the number of motorists speeding along Tirycoed Road in Glanaman.

Councillor Darren Campbell told fellow members the current situation was “a tragic accident waiting to happen”.

“I have concerns about speeding in the Cwm as a whole. Tirycoed Road is not the only place where speeding occurs, but I am particularly concerned with the problem there.

“There are families with young children living in the new houses on that stretch of road and something needs to be done before one of those children is knocked down,” he said.

“Drivers are not sticking to the limit.

“Once they come over the bridge and are out of the built-up area they are putting their foot down and the same is true of people coming the other way off the mountain.

“A lorry doing 30mph would find it difficult to stop in time to avoid a child, but people are doing 50mph in the 30mph zone.

“We need to have something installed on the road before a serious accident happens.”

Mayor Yvonne Evans and Cllr Kevin Madge agreed that speeding had been a long-term problem on the road.

Cllr Phil Knight added that the problem was not one purely of speeding HGVs.

Town and county councillor David Jenkins said he had held a recent site visit with county council officials to highlight the issue and that his concerns had gone before a local authority panel.

“I too would like to see something installed there to curb speed, but road humps are not recommended nowadays,” he said.

“The most likely outcome would be flashing lights warning motorists to slow down.”

Cllr Jenkins said the panel was due to meet before Christmas to decide how best to tackle the problem.