A 31-YEAR-OLD Brynaman forklift driver has been banned from getting behind the wheel for 12 months after he panicked when confronted by a set of glaring headlights in a Garnant car park.

Richard Matthew Hill, of 64 Llandeilo Road, was stopped by police while driving a Ford Mondeo on Cwmaman Road, Garnant, at 1.30am on October 28.

Gerald Neave, prosecuting, told Llanelli court that officers spotted Hill pulling out of the car park of the Garnant Club.

When he was stopped, Hill told the officers he had had a pint earlier in the evening.

Tests showed he had 55 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Defence solicitor Nick Stallard told the court that after going home from the club, Hill had had an argument with his wife and been thrown out of the house.

“He had left his car at the club the previous evening and because he had nowhere else to go he went to it,” said Mr Stallard He told the court that while Hill was sitting inside his Mondeo another car pulled into the car park.

“The other car shone its lights directly at his car," said Mr Stallard.

“He stayed for about five minutes but the other car kept its lights on him.

“He became very concerned and was feeling intimidated, so he decided he would drive to his mother’s house about a mile away.”

As Hill pulled out of the car park he was spotted by police and stopped. “He is very sorry,” said Mr Stallard. “He has lost his job, his marriage and his income.”

Hill admitted driving while over the legal limit.

Magistrates banned him from driving for 12 months and ordered he pay £85 court costs.