DOG-owners who allow their pets to foul on Ammanford AFC’s Rice Road ground are imperilling the health of youngsters who play there.

That is the fear of Betws community councillors who have condemned the actions of a minority of dog owners who fail to clear up their pets’ mess.

Cllr June Gunter said children training on the pitch risked catching diseases from dog faeces.

“I try and explain the dangers to these dog owners,” she said.

“I’m concerned because the pitch is being used to train youngsters by volunteers who are doing a marvellous job.”

Cllr Rhydian Murray said Betws RFC had experienced the same problems.

“We’ve actually had signs put up,” he said.

“The problem with Rice Road is that there’s no one there all the time.”

Community clerk Cerith Griffiths pledged to raise the matter with the dog warden.