AN ECO campaigner who wants to position a wind turbine on the outskirts of Ammanford has pledged to minimise its impact on local residents.

Resident Iain Lowther maintains that people in Heol Ddu are “up in arms” over Tim Pullen’s plans to site a 27m turbine there.

Mr Lowther said objections that the structure would be an eyesore, as well as causing noise nuisance, were being lodged and locals would also be calling on Llandybie community council for support.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to is dead against it,” he said. “It would also be a distraction for drivers as it’s so near the road.”

But Mr Pullen, of Pantybryn, who submitted his plans to Carmarthenshire county council earlier this month, said he was happy to address neighbours’ concerns.

“I’ve lived here in harmony with them for the past 12 years and I fervently want that state of affairs to continue,”

Mr Pullen, who has written extensively on renewable energy, told the Guardian.

“I’ve gone to a lot of effort to make sure the turbine’s position, size and appearance will minimise its effect.”

Mr Pullen said the noise emitted by the turbine would be the same level as in a theatre. “A noise report found that the turbine will be emitting 44 decibels at 60m – 40 decibels would be considered a quiet suburban night-time.

“People have the false impression it would be the same size as the turbines planned for Betws Mountain when, in actual fact, it will be far smaller.

“I feel that small turbines individually sited are an appropriate response to our CO2 problems – this turbine could supply 10-12 houses here in Heol Ddu with green electricity.”