IT would almost be funny if it wasn’t so outrageous. As the reality of the loss of Ammanford police station’s front desk hits home, town councillors are reduced to putting forward a series of increasingly desperate alternatives.

All take the view that a mobile police “station” in Carregaman car park on Tuesdays and Fridays, plus regular visits to local communities by officers and PCSOs, will not constitute the improved services Dyfed- Powys Police claim.

Councillors argue with some justification that these mobile cop shops will prove sub-standard compared to a permanent base, which is why the suggestion that the town’s old courthouse could be used drew mirthless laughter.

The attempted replacement of Ammanford police station’s front desk raises lots of questions. For example, would there be less chance of solving a minor crime committed on a Friday night if itwas not reported until Tuesday?

It is hard to avoid the feeling thatwe are entering a phase of policing by trial and error.

●THERE has been precious little to smile about of late, so Ammanford’s attempt at setting a new world record for the largest gathering of Santa’s Elves should put a grin on the town’s face – especially if the magic figure of 608 is reached!