THE history of one of the Amman Valley’s most successful football teams has made it into print, thanks to a club stalwart.

Friday saw the launch of Football in the Gutter: The history of football in Brynaman and author Eifion Rogers was heaped with praise by legendary Welsh sports writer Alun Wyn Bevan.

Mr Rogers first turned out for Bryn at ten years old and 21 years on is still pulling on the shirt with pride.

The book describes the rise of Rovers from the club’s founding in 1985 and came about as Mr Rogers went in search of the game’s history in the village.

“My grandfather played for a team in Brynaman called Mountain Rovers in the 1920s, so I wanted to find out about the origins of football in the village,” said Mr Rogers.

Mr Rogers’ efforts have been applauded by Mr Bevan, author of a host of books on Welsh sport and rugby in particular.

“It is a fantastic thing that there are individuals of Eifion’s age in villages all over Wales making massively important contributions to football and sport in general,” said Mr Bevan.

“To think that a 31-year-old has put pen to paper and produced a lovely publication detailing the history of football in Brynaman has to be commended.

Eifion is a shining example to people of his own age and others alike.”

Football in the Gutter is available for £10.50 with all proceeds going to Bryn Rovers AFC Juniors section.

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