A DRUNKEN 26-year-old from Cwmllynfell had to be sprayed twice with debilitating gas after abusing police while they carried out a roadside breath test on an passing motorist.

Kevin Jones, of 101 Cefnbrynbrain, appeared before Carmarthen magistrates to admit using threatening words and behaviour towards police sergeant Stuart Bell during the 10.20pm incident at Glanaman on October 12.

Ellie Morgan, prosecuting, described how PS Bell and a PC Davies had been dealing with a suspected drink-driver when Jones, who was outside a nearby pub, directed a foulmouthed tirade at the officers.

PS Bell ordered him to leave the scene, but Jones continued his rant and told the officers: “I could come over there and smash you both.”

When informed he was being arrested, Jones struggled and resisted the officers, repeatedly claiming he would “smash” them.

PAVA spray was used to force the unemployed labourer to the floor, but he got back to his feet and demanded that the officers fight him “one on one”.

He was sprayed again and forcibly restrained for seven minutes until back-up units arrived.

Throughout the incident, Jones repeated he would “smash” the officers.

Claiming Jones had little recollection of the incident, defence solicitor Peter Maxfield Martin told magistrates: “He can scarcely believe what he got up to.

“The officers were busy dealing with someone else and could have done without it.

“At least he had the good grace when told about events to apologise fulsomely to the officers involved.

“He does not have a problem with drink, but there are occasions when he drinks to the extent where he loses control.”

The court was told how Jones received a 12-month conditional discharge in January 2012 for “a similar offence”.

Jones was sentenced to a 12- month community order with supervision and alcohol activity requirements.