THE temporary parking and waiting restrictions in place on Llandeilo’s Bridge Street are to be made permanent, the town council has learned.

The Trunk Road Agency has informed the council that the ban means all parking on the river side of the street is forbidden with deliveries permitted to Gerwyn’s Fruit and Veg only between 10am and 3pm each day.

Residents’ parking on the opposite side of the street remains.

Deputy mayor Colin Jenkins told fellow councillors: “Nothing has changed.

“The current system has been in place for 18 months and they are now going to make it permanent.”

However, councillors were angered that the agency had done nothing to address a long-standing quirk in the town’s parking restrictions.

“The fact that you can actually park on the bridge itself is a complete nonsense,” said Cllr Jenkins.

Councillors agreed that the custom of visitors to the monthly mart to ignore police warnings and leave their vehicles on the bridge was a growing danger.

“As a council we are concerned about parking on the bridge during the mart,” said Cllr Jenkins.

“The police do put out bollards, but drivers either move them or completely ignore them.”

Mayor Dawn Wallace agreed.

“The real problem is that the police put down the bollards but then do not bother to enforce them,” she said.

“Once again this just goes to show that we need a bypass. That is the real problem with this.”

Regarding the proposed bypass, Cllr Jenkins added: “That is getting further away, not closer.”