MAGISTRATES have been told of the “awful randomness of events” which left a 77-year-old motorist in a coma after a collision with a cement lorry.

HGV driver Carwyn Walters, of 2 Tir Becca in Tumble, admitted dangerous driving at Carmarthen Magistrates’ Court following the collision with Charles Jones’ Rover at the Talley junction of the A482 on March 3.

Prosecutor Peter Lloyd described how Mr Jones and wife Glenys had been approaching the B4302 turn on the northbound carriageway at 10.40am while a highsided delivery truck, followed closely by 36-year-oldWalters in the DAF cement-mixing lorry, were heading south.

As Mr Jones drew level with the delivery truck, father-of-two Walters turned across the carriageway towards the junction and into the path of the couple’s car.

“Either he saw the Rover coming and turned right across its path or he did not see it coming, did not wait to check the coast was clear, and turned right,” said Mr Lloyd.

“Clearly this was a dangerous manoeuvre in either case.” Following the smash, Mr Jones required brain surgery and continues to slip “in and out” of a coma. Mrs Jones suffered a broken sternum.

Ray Tully, defending, said only “the awful randomness of events” caused Walters, who had “a perfect driving record”, to find himself behind a high-sided truck while approaching the junction.

“This is a tragic case. He did not see the oncoming car because of the vehicle in front. He made an assumption which was wrong,” said Mr Tully.

“His speed at the time was 24mph. There was nothing unsafe in the manner of his driving other than the failure to heed the oncoming vehicle.

“It was a momentary inattention when he thought it was safe to manoeuvre across the junction on a trip he is well familiar with and at a junction he is well familiar with.

“He accepts full culpability for what took place that day and now he has to live with it.”

Magistrates declined jurisdiction and ordered Walters to attend Swansea Crown Court on December 7 for sentencing.